Lawn Mower Repair in Massachusetts - Lawn Mower Repair near you MOBILE SERVICE (RI & MA)

Lawn Mower, Lawn Tractor, Ride On Mower, Push Mower, Garden Tiller, Snowblower, Snowthrower, Portable Generator, Log Splitter, Leaf Vacuum, Leaf Blower, and other Gas & Volt-letric Outdoor Power Equipment. *MOBILE ON-SITE REPAIR & SERVICE*

My name is Joe! This is my 11TH YEAR providing 5-STAR, mobile, small engine repair and service, common repairs and routine service at a reasonable price for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, push mowers, ride-on mowers, snowblowers, portable generators, leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, log splitters, and snowthrowers on-site, at your home or business.

I have over 125 5-STAR reviews and testimonials, a few of this year’s favorites are below.

I have a website repairsmallenginemobile.com packed with information about my mobile repair service, call, email or text me for service.

STARTEGIES llc - Knowledgeable and experienced 4-Stroke Small Engine Power Equipment expert service and repair at about half the cost and I COME TO YOU sometimes the same day you contact me and when I leave your equipment will be ready for the season! Why wait 2-4 weeks for your equipment to be repaired? Deal with the hassle of waiting in line to drop off your equipment, or pay a repair shop to pickup and drop-off your equipment? I service and repair your equipment right in front of you, I explain everything, if you're interested and I will show you how to properly shut down and store your equipment so it will start right up all season long. My fees are transparent and listed below with no hidden costs or surprise charges. I'm proud of the way I treat my clients and I want to be your 'Guy' from the time we start working together! I do not spam Craigslist with my ads and nothing is Free in this world... why would something be Free?

On-Site Tuneup - 1-Cylinder Lawn Tractor $122 - Twin Cylinder Lawn Tractor $129 (for almost all makes and models). Includes oil change, replace oil filter, new plug(s), replace fuel filter, check tire pressure, lube wheels/mechanisms, grease fittings, and multi point inspection with minor adjustments as needed. Lawn Scooter, Zero-Turns, Stand or Walk-behinds, and other commercial style Ride-On’s Upcharge may add +$30

On-Site Tuneup - Lawn Mower, Push Mower, Snowblower, Portable Generator, Log Splitter, Snowthrower, etc. $55-65
Includes oil change, new plug, replace fuel filter, lube wheels/mechanisms, grease fittings, and multi point inspection with minor adjustments as needed. (most makes & models) (self-propelled lawnmowers may add +$15)

Snowblower or Snow Thrower Crankcase/Transmission Service Upcharge add +$45
Includes opening up the lower drive area to inspect, clean, and lubricate/grease as needed

The Equipment’s ENGINE DOES NOT RUN or run correctly and/or other issues:
Most common repair issues are diagnosed over the phone and priced below for reference when we speak. Parts will be provided, ordered and delivered before I can arrive on site. When required to come on-site the Diagnosis Fee is $40 to begin repairs to a Lawn Mower, Snow Thrower, or Portable Generator; $40-80 to begin repairs to Lawn Tractors and other Power Equipment. When the equipment can be repaired, some or all of the fee will be applied to the cost of the actual service and repair after an estimate is accepted.

If through diagnosis, I have to return because parts have to be ordered, I will ask for reasonable travel to return and finish the job after parts are received. I do not sell or order parts, the company provides a service for a fee. As part of the diagnostic fee I will spec the proper quality parts and send you a link via text to order from Amazon or another reputable supplier.

Mower Cutting Deck Restoration, Welding Repairs, Metal Repairs, Metal Fabrication, Rust Removal and Painting, Metal Stair Railing Repair, Ornamental & Architectural Iron Works Repair, Metal Fence Repair, Metal Gate Repair. I have a lot of pictures of completed work I will show you.

Clean and Repair Fuel System/Carburetor (as needed) $60-80 Snowblower, Log Splitter, Portable Generator, Lawn Mower, or Push Mower (most models).

Clean and Rebuild Carburetor $80-120 Lawn Tractor, Ride On Mower, and most Larger Equipment.

New Carburetor Install $40-80 (You buy carb, I will spec for you) A lot of the aftermarket carburetors are $20-30 now, why rebuild when you can replace?

Other Services & Fees:

Mice Nests, clean out, repair, and service as needed $60-120
Lawn Tractor Blade Engagement Cable Replacement $60-80
Lawn Mower Cable Replacement $40-80
Lawn Tractor Drive/Traction Belt Replacement $80-120
Blade Replacement Service, you provide new blades $40-60
Mower Deck Drive Belt Replacement, Service, Repair, and Rebuild $80-160
(priced per job, depending on the condition of the lawn mower deck)
Lawn Mower Flywheel Key Replacement $60-80
Lawn Tractor Fuel Solenoid Replacement $40
Lawn Tractor Fuel Pump Replacement $40-60
Flat Tire(s) Repair $35-65
Battery Replacement $20
Battery Terminal Lug & Wiring Repair $20-40
Starter Pull Cord Replacement (includes Pro Cord) $35-65
Starter Solenoid Replacement $40-60
Spark Plug Service $10
Fuel Filter $15
Fuel Line & Clamps $20-30
Fuel Line Shutoff & Clamps $30
OHV Valve Adjustment $40 single set $60 twin sets
Snowblower Cable Replacement $40-60
Snowblower Auger Belt Replacement $60-80
Snowblower Drive/Traction Belt Replacement $60-80
Shear Pin $5
Frozen Shear Pin Removal $10
Drill Out Shear Pin $40-60
Tire Chain Installation or Removal $20-40

+ Reasonable Travel from Warwick, RI (See reasonable travel fees below):

Get an idea of my reasonable travel fee:
Attleboroughs, Points North 95 Corridor & East 195 Corridor $30-45
Fall River, South Shore, 495 North & South Corridors, Plainville, Mansfield, Foxboro, Bridgewater(s), Sharon & Norton $40-55
Easton, Framingham, Franklin, Milford, Norfolk & Upton $50-60
Points near the edge of my Service Area $65-80
Sites in Carver, Randolph, Canton, Norwood, Some Braintree, Quincy, Dedham, Acton, Worcester & Milton

60 Mile Radius surrounding Warwick RI is my service area. A reasonable travel fee is applied to cover time & expense and work on site.

I most certainly stand behind my work! I can because of the manner in which I offer, deliver and perform the services. Oh Yeah! 100%

I perform all work ON-SITE at your Location, no drop-offs please. I am very clean and neat, used oil and old gas are taken with me and recycled at no charge.

I repair small engines only (no diesel). I cannot service or repair hydro or hydraulics systems in the field at this time. Lawn Tractor Snow Thrower, Plow, and other Attachments are considered on a per job basis. I repair Portable Generators, I do not repair Generators that are in RV's, Boats or hard wired into other electrical systems. I do not repair gas small engine powered welders, mopeds, dirt bikes, ATV’s, Go-Karts, etc. at this time.

BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE... Use this checklist/FAQ to make sure you need service:

1.) Q: Are you using fresh gas? Gas is only good for 30-45 days, if you put gas older than that in the machine before you tried to start it, then it will run poorly or not at all.
SOLUTION: Drain the old gas out and put fresh gas in, and retry. If you are not comfortable doing this, then please call me for service.

2.) Q: Have you checked to make sure your gas shutoff is turned to the open position? Some machines do not have a gas shutoff, it is usually located beneath the gas tank in clear view for ease of use.
SOLUTION: Turn the shutoff to the open position, prime the machine and retry starting, give it a few pulls or engage the electric start several times before you call for service.

If you are unsure or have questions… …I can provide knowledgable, experienced answers using Voice Support and Startegies voice support is always complimentary! Call me!

Most jobs are just right! Some jobs may be too big to be completed on-site.

Over 125 5-STAR Reviews & Testimonials from my awesome clients, below are some of this year’s favs!

Ray S. ✪✪✪✪✪ Mansfield, MA Hired on Thumbtack October 3, 2023
Joe took care of lawn tractor new blades and tune up, my snowblower tune up, and generator needed a new carburetor. He was reasonable and meticulous, really good guy.

Barbara M. ✪✪✪✪✪ Raynham, MA Hired on Thumbtack May 22, 2023
My lawn mower had to be taken all apart in order to repair it. Joe let me know everything he was doing and spent almost 2 hours working on it. Very thorough--even sharpened the blade. When he was done, he started the mower to make sure it was running properly. His rate was very reasonable for all the work he did. Would not hesitate to use him again. Thank you Joe.

Jake G. ✪✪✪✪✪ Plymouth, MA Hired on Thumbtack September 16, 2023
Joe showed up right on time and took care of a blade replacement and serpentine belt on my lawnmower cutting deck. Communication was excellent and the end result was perfect. Would 10/10 recommend his services!

Stephanie S. ✪✪✪✪✪ Swansea, MA Hired on Thumbtack July 23, 2023
Joe was EXCELLENT. Our lawnmower is at least 15 years old and has never had a thorough "refresh," but then it stopped working and we knew we had to get it looked at. Joe was an amazing find - he was incredibly responsive to messages on Thumbtack, on top of details, had very good availability, was on time and his work was excellent. He came to our house to work (making our lives so much easier) and within 1.5 hours got the machine to run like it was brand new. We will be getting in touch with Joe every spring now for a tuneup/blade sharpen and of course for any repairs. DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to Joe!

Barry K. ✪✪✪✪✪ Franklin, MA Hired on Thumbtack June 23, 2023
Joe at Startegies is the real deal. What a great experience dealing with him. I have John Deere sit-down mower that I thought had a bent spindle. Joe used the Thumbtack app to help me order the parts I needed from Amazon. No mark-up on Joe's part (although I would have been glad to pay a reasonable one). Showed up on time, knew what he was doing and fixed the mower swiftly and efficiently. Turns out it was just a bend blade which meant I could return over $100 in parts. The convenience of Joe coming to the house instead of having to trailer the mower to a shop is invaluable. I will definitely use him again on my generator, snowblower, etc. He did a full tune-up and the mower is humming better than it has in years. The cost was $237 and worth every dollar.

Kerry K. ✪✪✪✪✪ Randolph, MA Hired on Thumbtack July 28, 2023
I was very pleased with the promptness and quality work Joe provided. He came right on time and was extremely knowledgeable about my John Deere mower. He diagnosed the problem and gave me tutorials about the mechanisms along the way that came in handy. He gave me a price right up front and delivered quality work. I will be utilizing his services again!!

Don H. ✪✪✪✪✪ Coventry, RI Hired on Thumbtack June 17, 2023
I needed a Lawnmower repair so I was connected with Joe. Within 24 hours he came to the house and did a complete overhaul of my machine. Works perfectly and was very reasonably priced.

Lucy Y. ✪✪✪✪✪ Dover, MA Hired on Thumbtack May 13, 2023
I cannot say enough about Joe. He is punctual, responsive, honest and highly skilled. He got our 16 year old lawn mower up and running and was very reasonable with his fees.

Michael B. ✪✪✪✪✪ Lincoln, RI Hired on Thumbtack June 15, 2023
Joe is awesome! Did the job requested, for a very fair price, and shared lots of knowhow and knowledge along the way to avoid problems like the one I had, in the future! I had an appt within a couple of days as well which was super helpful.

Call or Text (401) three eight four 0523 or Email Joe! My email is always on!

When you text or email, please provide the name of your City or Town and State, and also send me a picture of your Model/Serial Number ID Tag/Label (if you can't send pic then please provide the info, this helps me give you faster service!)

Is your lawn mower not starting, runs poorly or only runs for a few seconds then shuts down? Gas is only good 30-45 days, after that, it starts to turn into varnish inside your carburetor and brittle your fuel lines because of the ethanol they now put into gas. Varnish clogs up your carburetor and causes poor performance. I've seen varnish do amazing things like completely skin over large throughways inside the carb and completely stop the flow of fuel. 4 stroke engines require good clean oil to run correctly, when was the last time you changed your oil in your lawn mower, lawn tractor or walk behind? I recommend that you change your oil, plugs and fuel filter yearly to keep your equipment running strong.

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