BURPEE SEEDS ----- Garden Vegetables Flowers Herbs ----- CAN BE MAILED - $1 (Chelmsford, MA)

BURPEE SEEDS ----- Garden Vegetables Flowers Herbs ----- CAN BE MAILED 1 thumbnailBURPEE SEEDS ----- Garden Vegetables Flowers Herbs ----- CAN BE MAILED 2 thumbnailBURPEE SEEDS ----- Garden Vegetables Flowers Herbs ----- CAN BE MAILED 3 thumbnailBURPEE SEEDS ----- Garden Vegetables Flowers Herbs ----- CAN BE MAILED 4 thumbnail
11 Lancaster Avenue near Bowl Road

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Burpee
size / dimensions: standard seed packet

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I purchased a store inventory of seeds so I have a LOT (600+) of them.
All seeds are Burpee brand.
Winter stored in a dry finished room basement in sealed plastic tubs.
No heirloom seeds.
I am willing to mail what you want.

Below is a list of the categories I have. There are many sub-categories to choose from listed
specifically here. Note: "SOLD OUT" applies to the variety listed to the immediate left.

All seeds are in the original packets priced about $2 to $3.50
You pay $1each.That can be 50 - 78% off - a very good deal.


Zinnia - Cut and Come Again mix, Giant Flowered mix, Thumbelina mix, Burpeena Giant mix, Lillput mix
Sunflower - Mammoth - (SOLD OUT), Chianti Hybrid - (SOLD OUT), Fun 'N Sun Hybrid mix -(SOLD OUT)
Moonflower - Giant white
Cosmos - Bright Lights mix, Sensation mix, Seashells mix
Marigold - Snowdrift, Jaguar, Sunset Giants mix
Morning Glory - Scarlett O'Hara, Heavenly blue, Tall mix, Blue Star, Pearly Gates
Echinacea - Purple Coneflower - (SOLD OUT)
Impatiens - Flavours Hybrid mix
Larkspur - Giant Imperial mix
Mixed Flowers - Heralds of Spring mix
Bachelor's Buttons - Blue Boy
Four O'clocks - Mix, Kaleidoscope Mix
Petunia - (SOLD OUT)
Canterbury Bells - Cup & Saucer mix
Coleus - Rainbow mix
Alyssum - Royal Carpet (SOLD OUT), Carpet of Snow
Pansy - (SOLD OUT)
Portulaca - (SOLD OUT)
Hollyhock - (SOLD OUT)
Delphinium - (SOLD OUT)
Nasturtium - Fordhook mix - (SOLD OUT), Jewel mix - (SOLD OUT)
Daisy - Painted (mixed colors) - (SOLD OUT), Shasta Silver Pricess (white)
Sweet Pea - Sweet Dreams mix, Galaxy mix
Wildflower - Kaleidoscope mix - (SOLD OUT), Perennial mix - (SOLD OUT), Cutting mix
Columbine - Harlequin mix
Convolvulus - Blue Enchantment
Petunia - Royalty mix - (SOLD OUT)
Oriental Poppy - Brilliant Red - (SOLD OUT)
California Poppy - Sunset mix


Radish - Salid Rose, French Dressing, Cherry Belle, Jupiter
Pumpkin - Triple Treat, Big Max
Watermelon - Sugar Baby - (SOLD OUT)
Sweet Corn - Farm Fresh Hybrid, Bi-Licious Hybrid (SOLD OUT), Jubilee Hybrid, Silver Queen Hybrid (SOLD OUT)
Tomato - (SOLD OUT)
Pea - Dark Seeded Early Perfection - (SOLD OUT)
Garden Bean (String Bean) - Kitchen King (SOLD OUT), Provider (SOLD OUT), Heavy Hitter, Tenderite, Stringless Green Pod
Sweet Pepper - California Wonder (SOLD OUT), Red Majesty Hybrid (SOLD OUT)
Hot Pepper - Jalapeno (SOLD OUT), Hot Mix (SOLD OUT)
Carrot - Scarlet Nantes, Short 'N Sweet, Burpee A#1 Hybrid, Danvers Half Long, Danvers 126
Cucumber - Bush Champion, Burpee Pickler Hybrid, Sweet Burpless Hybrid, Burpless Beauty, Straight Eight
Summer Squash - Black Beauty(SOLD OUT), Early Golden Crookneck(SOLD OUT), Picklebush (SOLD OUT), Fordhook Zucchini,
Turnip - (SOLD OUT)
Beet - Detroit Dark Red Medium Top, Purple Top White Globe,Jupiter
Onion - Evergreen Long Whit Bunching
Lettuce - Black Seed Simpson, Burpee Bibb (SOLD OUT), Gourmet Blend - (SOLD OUT), Salad Bowl, Iceburg A
Okra - Clemson Spineless (SOLD OUT)
Spinach - Bloomsdale Long-Standing, Big Ruffles Hybrid - (SOLD OUT)
Mesclun - Salid mix - (SOLD OUT), Spicy mix - (SOLD OUT)
Arugula - Rocket (SOLD OUT)


True Lavender - Lavandula augustifolia
Sweet Basil - Ocimum basillicum
Oregano - (SOLD OUT)
Thyme, Common - Thymus vulgaris (SOLD OUT)
Chives, Common - Allium schoenoprasum
Chives, Garlic - Allium tuberosum
Cilantro - Coriandrum sativum - (SOLD OUT)
Dill, Mammoth - Anethum graveolens
Parsley - Single Italian Plain-leafed, Extera Curled Dwarf
Sage, Common - Salvia officinalis (SOLD OUT)
Catnip - Nepeta cataria

This can be mailed to you if you are too far away to make it worth the trip.
Please Email or call Peter

978 Cell 328-9260

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