Gorgeous!! Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - (3 sizes) - $350 (North Shore - Melrose)

Gorgeous!! Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - (3 sizes) 1 thumbnailGorgeous!! Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - (3 sizes) 2 thumbnailGorgeous!! Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - (3 sizes) 3 thumbnailGorgeous!! Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - (3 sizes) 4 thumbnail
Moissanite VS clarity and E-F color stones.
Tennis Bracelet in Platinum over Sterling Silver. These bracelets are cut with
over 100 facets 2x more than normal jeweler cutting and faceting. Each stone
is 4mm equal to .25ct.

Prices start at $350

NOTE See prices for individual bracelet "size" below:

6.5 inches $350

7.25 inches $450

8 inches $550

Please note: The price on these has been reduced significantly.
I'm really not looking for offers. Thank you..

6.50 inches (each stone is 4mm = .25ct each)

7.25 inches (each stone is 4mm = .25ct each)

8.00 inches (has 45 moissanites, each 4mm -.25ct each,
total of over 11 carats) Over 15 grams in weight.

Save over 50% on most retail ! 128 facets cut, most gemstones have 58 facets. These
are 2x more for more brilliance. The more facets the more brilliance..

No shipping. In person cash sale. Please no low ball offers
Priced very fairly.

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These genuine Moissanite bracelets are striking. Amazing luster, white stones, VS quality stone.
Will test as diamonds.


The classic bracelet puts on a grand show of the moissanite glimmer and let them shine in ecstasy

THE GEMS: Faceted moissanite gemstones are coveted globally for their enchanting appeal

SILVER/ RHODIUM: The bracelet is forged in sterling silver/ Rhodium over sterling silver known for its natural elegance and strength

EXTENSIVE FINISH: With an extensive finish, the bracelet is naturally graceful and tarnish resistant

SKIN FRIENDLY: This bracelet will be a kind companion to your skin and will keep skin issues at bay

VERSATILE: Let this bracelet be the enchanting companion to all of the wonderful apparels in your wardrobe

Moissanite was actually found naturally on earth from Meteorite. Sadly, not enough to make
endless jewelry so scientists found a way to grow the stone. It has 2.4 more luster than diamonds.

If you'd like to have an idea on what Moissanite bracelets go for you can try the
Charles and Colvard website (they have these in gold and a 5 ct or so will be in the thousands)


Try JTV website.. They carry them in combination of Platinum and Sterling silver called Plantnieve.
An 11ct or so can go for a few thousands.

Diamonds are great , but Moissanite is flawless, affordable and durable. Diamond are hardness of 10.
Moissanite is 9.25 in hardness. Not too different than a diamond. They also test as diamond with
'regular' diamond tester. Also, moissanites are conflict free, where as mined diamonds are not.

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