24 HOUR STEREO - $113 (n.reading)

I recycle and repair audio equipment as a hobby. electronics, audio, stereo , tubes amplifiers if you need classic audio and stereo components I have them, please, I do not do plastic stuff, if its a toy stereo, a cheap cassette deck or 8 track, I am usually not going to have it or want it. If it is quality, pro or studio sound equipment I usually do . If it uses a remote or has a digital display it may be too new for me. 30 years in the repair business, specializing in turntables and reel to reel tape machines. Remember if you haven't cleaned the controls on your receiver for a while you will be shocked how good it sounds once you have it done by someone who knows what they're doing!! If you want to sell and want eBay prices, try eBay, then when your item is pulled apart and all the parts stolen and it is
returned to you and PayPal takes your money , you will understand why I don't use them or pay eBay prices! I have many items for sale. I also do repairs the right way . My wife recently had a stroke and I find myself falling behind on my repairs, if you are retired or semi-retired and have experience repairing electronics contact me I could use some help we can split profits, I have seen so called repair people saying that they work on turntables but they cannot solder the wires or cannot fix the inside of the table? Would you want a mechanic that could only fix half your car? I can do anything your turntable needs , I specialize in turntables. I can even repair certain phono cartridges known for having bad windings on the inside. This happens quite a bit to the old Stanton cartridges. Not all of them can be fixed but certain ones can. Yes I actually take them apart and solder the little hair size wires inside. If you believe all these unqualified lazy repair people posting everywhere about how all capacitors have to be replaced and how all capacitors have a limited lifetime that is completely untrue . A capacitor is a sealed unit , yes if it develops a problem it will need to be changed but anything from the Japanese 70's era on to the early 80's is usually made with better quality than anything you can obtain today and it is also the reason why these units sound the way they do ! If you tear them all out and replace them all with modern capacitors, your system will sound like a crappy surround sound system. We test every capacitor and change the bad ones the way you're supposed to do it , preserving the sound of the unit and guess what? if it hasn't failed after 50 years it's probably not going to fail at all. There are exceptions to every rule, but if you buy something vintage and all the capacitors have been changed it does not sound the way it did when it was new , it sounds the way new equipment sounds now, there is a vast difference , don't drink the Kool-Aid, listen to the real vintage stuff. You will hear the difference!!!!

analog receiver, super receiver, integrated amplifier, power amp, preamplifier, reel to reel, turntable
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