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compensation: Half of all ticket revenue per tour. Up to $300+ tips to start.

Actors and Actresses for Guided Boston Tour Wanted!!! Up to $300+ per tour given.

Our company “Historical Performances” is a new Victorian/1800s themed Boston tour company and is seeking experienced and qualified actors and actresses to take on the character and role of an individual living in 1800s Boston. Your role as a tour guide will be to lead guests on an approximately 1-hour ‘semi-historic’ tour of the Beacon Hill neighborhood highlighting the true and “according to legend” crime, murder and mayhem that was Boston during the 1800s.

This is not primarily an historic tour, nor do you need to be a history buff. While there will be some historic scripted facts about Boston that I will want you to tell, our vision is to take a hands-off approach and allow our tour guides to craft a personage, character, and history tour of their choosing.

What is the tour’s content?

We want YOU to craft stories of realistic (but not necessarily historically accurate) death and murder that was Victorian Boston. We want you to literally be in character for the majority of the tour and captivate the audience with facts, legends, and stories of murder and mayhem from the city and time period. Note stories you craft do not need to be historically accurate, they can be “legends”, but I would like these legends to be believable. For example, when on the tour and your stop includes a street corner and a beautiful house on Beacon Hill you can say “Legend has it that so and so was brutally murdered here by the Boston Ripper such and such.” Or, your tour can be entirely historically accurate but with some embellishment here and there. The main goal is to immerse the tour group into 1800s murderous Boston life. As stated in our company brief (see below), no two tours will be the same as you, the guide, will unleash your natural acting ability and captivate your audience with what tales you see fit. You will create your own script. You will own your performance as you lead your tour.

Note, if selected for employment, we will require that our guides dress in authentic Victorian clothing and speak in a manner of someone from the 1800s. Cheap Halloween costumes will not be permitted. Our company’s vision is to be as immersive as possible.

Where and When will tours take place?

Tours will run twice every night starting at 8pm and 915pm. Tours will take place in the Beacon Hill area in Boston. I want the tours to take place at night because the gas lanterns of Beacon Hill provide the perfect atmosphere to truly immerse guests. We will be rain or shine.


The most important component of every organization is the employees. Our part-time gig-based guides will be paid a minimum of $75 per scheduled tour even if just one guest shows up for the tour. If no guests book a tour for a certain night, obviously you will not be paid as we didn’t have any revenue for the night.

Tours will accommodate a max of 20 people to start (may be subject to change). Ticket prices will be $30 each to start (may be subject to change). Tour guides will receive half, of the booked ticket price, if they are scheduled for a certain tour. For example if the tour is completely full and we charge $30 per person for 20 people max you the guide would make $300 that tour plus tips. I believe in empowering our employees and paying them well and giving them freedom of artistic expression to improve, enhance, and grow their acting careers. As such, whatever tales and history you tell on your tour to your audience is up to you. All I require is you take on a character of the 1800s period and captivate your audience, involve them if you’d like, and truly immerse them in the murderous and treacherous Victorian Boston life.

Audition Specs

There will be two auditions, one in person where you will design one short story/tale that you would tell on the tour if you were selected for the job. This will be presented to me. You do not need to have a costume for this. If you do well in the first round, you will then proceed to the next and final round where I will take the final candidates and do a mock tour of the Beacon Hill neighborhood (our tour area). As we walk around Beacon Hill each candidate will then again present me with a short story, tale, or historic piece that they have created and plan on using on their tour if they were hired for the job. Again, you do not need to be in costume for this. Short story should only take a few minutes.

You will be notified shortly after the final round if you are hired. Candidates will have to purchase their own Victorian era outfit once hired. I will provide you with a link to some online stores that sell authentic Victorian clothing for a decently cheap price. Given the high pay you should be able to make back relatively quickly what you put in for the costume.

If you need inspiration as to what someone from the 1800s spoke and acted like I would suggest you watch the movie or clips from Gangs of New York, the movie Stonehearst Asylum, and the Netflix show Penny Dreadful.

Please reply to this advert with your qualifications and reason for wanting employements, and a way to contact. Interviews will be scheduled starting Saturday June 1st and most likely in Cambridge, MA. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. My name is Nelson Alvarez and I am the Founder of Historical Performances.

Company Mission

Our vision is to provide a uniquely immersive experience into the chilling and gruesome history, legends, and lives of those living in 1800s Victorian Boston. Our guides take on the character and personality of a true Bostonian of the Gilded age and escort you around the most historic sections of our city while captivating you with tales of murder and mayhem that were rampant in the industrializing city that was Boston in the 19th century. For those who seek to be transported to another era and truly experience and sense the fear, dread, and anxiety that was day-to-day life of a Bostonian during the age of Industrialization, this guided tour throughout our city is for you.
• Tours of Boston’s historic sections of the city are led by trained and professional actors who are in character the majority of the tour, making you truly feel transported to a different era.
• Our guides are masters at bringing you back in time and making you feel as if you were part of the arduous day-to-day life of a Bostonian in the 1800s.
• Most of the what our guides present to you on the tour is fact, while others are only legend. Our guides will make this clear to you throughout the tour.
• Our tours are more of an immersive and romanticized experience than a traditional historical tour of Boston. If all you seek is an ordinary and historical foot tour of Boston, then this is not the tour for you.
• We give our guides free reign to take on a character of Victorian Boston as they lead you throughout the city, as such the guides do not follow a script and no two guided tours are ever the same. However, every tour will leave you feeling much more knowledgeable about Boston life, history, and crime in the 1800s.
• Tour is approximately 1 hour in length and the total walking distance is approximately 1 mile.
• Tour are held twice 7 days per week at 8pm and 915pm respectively. Tours run from April to October.
• While engaging with the tour guides, they will be in character throughout the tour. The only time they will come out of character is for safety reasons as well as at the end of the tour if you have any questions for them.
• Tours meet and conclude at the front steps of the State House.
• We are rain or shine.

*This document does not constitute a binding contract or offer of employment. Terms, prices, and pay are subject to change at management’s discretion.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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