Air Soft Gun Collection - $400 (Littleton MA)

condition: good
I am selling my air-soft gun collection. I will be willing to sell any of the guns or ammunition by itself. The price reflects everything in the pictures including all the air canisters bullets and all the guns. Both the cross man vigilante and pietro beretta fire perfectly and work as they should. The z11 zombie eliminator fires fine for one or two shots then stops firing bullets just fires air. All the gun needs is a new maginzine inch order to work perfectly(new one cost is in pictures). For the hk mp7 it works fine if you turn the gun upside down, so it also needs a new magazine. The back of the hk mp7 is broken so the back rest does not work. The battery holds a charge and works great. The z11 and vigilante both are powered off of co2 and the hk mp7 is electrically powered and the beretta is spring powered. All the guns except for the vigilante are air soft. The vigilante is more of a BB gun and shoots the cross man premier ammo shown in pictures, you can get one with another end that also works for the gun. I will only sell the vigilante to someone out of Massachusetts because it is not legal in mass because it does not have a orange tip. All the co2 carriages are brand new, for containers of the ammo for the vigilante one of them I think is new(very full) but the other is almost completely full but just a little bit missing. The bbs work for the other threes guns and I would guess there is no more than 1000 bullets left. Each price is for all of its specific accessories shown in each indivual picture. $275 for hk mp7($450 new on Amazon). $10 for the z11 zombie eliminator($20 for slightly used on ebay). $45 for cross man vigilante( $66 new on Amazon). $30 for the pietro beretta 6mm($43 new on Amazon). $50 for all the bullets and cartridges(about $80 for all that new). $400 for all of it, OBO.

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