Caldwell DXT-2 sled/ price reduction - $250 (Needham)

Caldwell DFT-2 Lead Sled,

This is a tool, not a weapon!!

• What makes this lead sled extremely important and useful when sighting in a double or bolt-action rifles with really big bores & and horrendously punishing recoils is its wonderful ability to tame heavy hitting rifles to little pussycats…
The following would be examples of rifle calibers that will justify the use and purchase of this Caldwell lead sled and pay big dividends later!
Beginning on the low end of tolerability & proceeding to the extreme heavy hitters - 340 Weatherby magnum; .338 Lapua; .338–.378 Weatherby magnum; the .375 Holland & Holland; .378 Weatherby magnum; .416 Remington magnum; 416 Ruger; 416, Weatherby magnum; .416 Rigby; 404 Jeffrey; .458, Winchester magnum; .458 Lott; .470 nitro Express; .500 nitro Express; .500 Jeffrey; .505 Gibbs; .460 Weatherby magnum; the 600 nitro Express; the .577 Tyrannosaurus Rex! And last, but not least that blows away all the others, in terms of speed and kinetic energy – the anti-tank/anti-material king of the lot: the 50 BMG!!
The great danger of shooting heavy recoiling firearms is that they tend to cause flinching even in the best & experienced shooters… In other words, if you’re getting ready for an expensive hunt to Africa for really dangerous game like the ‘dangerous-5’ (bull elephant; cape buffalo; rhinoceros; leopard; African lion) or the ‘dangerous-7’ (add on the almost prehistoric Nile crocodile, and perhaps the most dangerous of all, the hippopotamus…) – you want one of these lead sleds to help tremendously with the sighting-in process to mitigate felt recoil so as to avoid crushing or potentially damaging your shoulders and thus get your rifles drilled-in on the bench first for accuracy…
Then, and only then do you need to take some shots offhand from the shoulder to verify your groups & obviously get very familiar with your set up - your life may depend on it!…
The above information is basic for those who are preparing for a Safari, pursuing dangerous game…
Caldwell DFT (dual frame technology) lead sled for benchrest shooting..
• as you can see, it is fully adjustable for elevation as well as windage…
• it has a rubber strap to keep muzzle rise down while on this rest…
• it has a nice cradle for the butt of the rifle or shotgun, as you can see that is well padded to protect it.
• for those who are shooting extremely high, recoiling guns, this lead sled has 50 pounds of bird lead of #5 or #7 bird shot in special green Cordura/nylon Caldwell bags to keep. This is how the lead sled is obviously anchored firmly on the benchrest table, so as to reduce the felt recoil to the shooter… 25 pounds is probably more than sufficient for most rifles – $150 value alone – lead is no longer obtainable anywhere – at least from Cabela’s or Bass Pro shop…
• Above for this brand new unit is well over $350 value but I am willing to part with the whole shebang for $295…REDUCED; $250

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