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Product Development, CAD Design and Renderings, Patent Services, Manufacturing Help
We Can Develop Prototypes, Conventional and 3D Printed - Rapid Prototyping

We are a product development company that helps bring new products to market across various industries ranging from consumer and industrial products, automotive/aerospace, medical device, and more. For any stage of the process from initial design and concept refinement, CAD work and renderings, prototyping and patent/IP protection, to preparation for manufacturing and production, we can offer services to help you move your project forward.

Our founder has over 35 years of experience as a new product developer and manufacturing engineer that you can benefit from working with us. We can assure that product designs created are manufacturable, designed effectively both for quality and reliability, and are created with the goal of keeping production costs as low as possible. With our complete engineering design studio and machine shop on site, we can provide any engineering services such as product design, CAD work and 3D modeling (SolidWorks), full prototypes including machined and 3D printed prototypes, product testing/analysis and more.

For projects requiring machining or other fabrication for prototyping, manufacturing tooling, or other purposes, we are able to perform machining such as milling, lathe turning, surface grinding, heat treating and more, with the ability to maintain tight dimensional tolerances to one ten thousandth of an inch. If your project falls outside the scope of our in house capabilities, we have other industry contacts that we can work with to accomodate your needs.

Have An Invention, Product Idea or Concept You Want to Develop?
We can help with your new product at any point in the process from design, prototyping, product testing, patent/IP protection, manufacturing and more. Whether you are marketing and producing your product yourself and are in need of CAD files or molds/dies created for manufacturing, or are simply looking for renderings or prototypes to solicit a licensing agreement, we can provide the services to suit your needs, including general consulting.

For those who are looking to patent their idea, we can help you through the patent process and can often save clients a substantial amount of money throughout the process. We can provide preliminary patent searches, drafting and creation of your patent application, as well as filing with a USPTO licensed patent agent.

Our Highly Experienced, Expert Team consists of ME mechanical engineers, EE electronic engineers, TME tool manufacturing engineers, product designers, patent agents, IT-CSE computer science engineer, my son and myself. We get the job done efficiently and correctly the first time, with decades of real world experience for your product idea for real world profits.

Need 3D Printing Done?
We can help with any 3D printing needs you have that are within our size envelope. We can 3D print your prototypes and designs with our in-house high resolution 3D printer standing ready, as well as create or continue work on any existing CAD designs to get them where they are print ready. We most commonly print using ABS and PLA plastics, though we are able to work with a variety of materials to meet the needs of your project. Post processing can also be performed on printed parts to enhance their feel and appearance.

Avoid the Boutique Product Development Firms with expensive showrooms and often inexperienced people that many times create designs that are cost prohibitive to produce, being overly complex and therefore expensive, or are unable to be manufactured as a whole. We see lots of work brought to us that has been previously done by firms like these, where potential clients come to us with work that needs to be fixed or redone correctly. It is an unfortunate reoccuring theme, that we see and fix work from these firms regularly and get the job done right.

* With decades of experience in engineering, product development, and electro-mechanical tech across various industries, we can help with designing and creating almost any technology that presents itself. *

* Our small shop is located in Antelope Valley, CA (home of DOD Aerospace, NASA, SpaceX, and other medical device, automotive, consumer and military technology companies), but we serve clients nationwide. *

Please visit our website... you may also email us your drawings or sketches for quotation.

If you require an NDA non-disclosure agreement before we are able to fully discuss your project, feel free download our simple NDA with the button on the Start Here page of our website. This is a short and straight forward NDA form that can you sign and email to us, and we will sign and return back to you for your copy.

If we can be of help.
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New Product Development Services

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