Tiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd - $120,000 (Pittsburgh)

Tiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 1 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 2 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 3 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 4 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 5 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 6 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 7 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 8 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 9 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 10 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 11 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 12 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 13 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 14 thumbnailTiffin Cahaba 4x4 4wd 15 thumbnail
condition: new
drive: 4wd
fuel: diesel
odometer: 6200
paint color: grey
rv type: class B
size / dimensions: 19x6x10
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
3/25/24 : Springs here! Awesome time for one of these rigs to get you out into our beautiful country. I’m getting more desperate… PRICE DECREASE : $120,000. cash.

8/12/23. HUGE PRICE DECREASE! Must sell!

Introducing the Cahaba, a Class B adventure van from Tiffin! Built on a Mercedes 2500 Sprinter 4x4 chassis with a 3.0L turbo diesel engine, the Cahaba is a tough and rugged camper van that can guide you through any type of terrain you put it through. The design of the Cahaba floor plan meets four essential criteria: maximum space, optimal organization, relaxation plus, and elegant atmosphere.

Owned for one day! 😳. Unexpected health issues. Must sell. Brand spanking new! This has the Volta system (Google it). No noisy polluting generator! Run a/c or heat literally all day or night on the whisper quiet batteries. Really amazing.

Background : this is a brand new 2021 Tiffin Cahaba. Tiffin first produced these in 2021 but soon discovered it had some minor issues so they went back to the factory. Then Covid came along. This is why once in a while you come across a “brand new“ 2021. While they were back at the factory, they updated it to the 2022 models but they obviously still have to be branded as a 2021. Of course because they are branded as a 2021 they have to sell them cheaper than they can the 2022 models. Which is why I jumped on this soon as I saw it! And that’s why this is $135,500 whereas a new one is going to be close to $175,000. , add dealer fees etc. and you’re paying close to $180,000 !! For the exact same thing really with a few minor differences like different curtains. This comes with all factory warranties etc.

If you Google “Tiffin Cahaba videos“ there’s many great walk-through videos on this model, and they all look exactly like this one obviously. Just make sure you’re looking at the 19 SC floor plan but of course other than the couch set up everything is identical on all Tiffin Cahaba models except many of them don’t have the extras that this one has like the light system on the roof and the bike rack, etc..

UPDATE : Having lots of people contacting me, saying this is overpriced , you have to be extremely careful about the details on these Cahabas. This one has ALL the extras including four-wheel-drive. Anything that you’re getting or seeing below $135,000 is not a four-wheel-drive model and/or does not have all of the lights on the top , the extra rack including a bike rack , the spare tire… There’s an endless list of extras that you need to be very careful about when you’re looking at the Cahabas. Also , I was recently told Tiffin discontinued making Cahabas so there’s only about 300 of them available so they’re gonna be hard to come by shortly.

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