$975 / 4br - Co-op house forming (Arlington, MA)

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The purpose of this ad is to create a household in Arlington where we wake up each morning feeling grateful for the physical house, for the synergy and cooperation occurring, and for each individual in it!

How would you like to live in a house where each person is contributing in a positive way? Where aware communication, natural human caring, and emotional awareness are the norm? Where everyone eats (for the most part) whole and natural foods?

Let’s make that house!

I seek new housemates for my home in Arlington. Move-in date would be August 1, August 15, or September 1, 2024.

I want to live with people who are in a similar place as me, in terms of food awareness, emotional awareness, and social awareness.

I no longer want to settle for living with people who have very different standards or needs, simply because they help pay the rent! I’d love to live with housemates where we love, inspire, and contribute to each other.

Some households have four single people in them, and it’s: four adults going to four jobs and coming back (maybe in four cars) and making four dinners, eating at different times and usually not together. Dinner is frequently microwaving something from the freezer….

That is paradise for some people!

You don’t have to think of others, you have “total freedom,” you don’t pay that much attention to food quality, and the home is like a friendly hotel.

That is not paradise to me. I want to live with more synergy than that! Details would be worked out, depending on each person’s needs and schedule, of course.

That’s my writing, here, at the end of May 2024. If it is of interest to you, please reply to this ad.
Below, please read what I always put in craigslist ads about this home in East Arlington:

(Arlington is the next town north of Cambridge, Massachusetts! Cambridge is the home of Harvard University, M.I.T., and Lesley College, and across the Charles River from Boston.)
We have the second and third floor of a house. I, Paul, have lived here since 2010, always with others, living together for economy and community. This is a 3-story house with hardwood floors throughout, lots of parking, a back yard, a vegetable garden, a compost bin, a front yard, two second-floor porches (one indoor, one open-air), and a very usable basement. Roomy, lovely place in a safe neighborhood!

On the second floor is a front and back porch, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a full bath, and two bedrooms.

On the third floor is a large open space (16'x16.5'), a hall, a full bath, and two bedrooms.

The large 3rd floor open space can be many things. People have used it for many purposes: an office, TV room, weight room, yoga room, ping pong room, whatever! It tends to be used for the third floor people, but anyone has access or could add to that room.

We own a washer and dryer in the basement, and there is a triple-laundry line in the small back yard, if one prefers that over using the dryer.

The house is very near Spy Pond and Spy Pond Park, the Minute Man Bike Trail, a baseball diamond, and tennis courts; a one-minute walk to two different bus lines, 20 minutes from Harvard Sq.; a 10- or 15-min. walk to Alewife Station (one end of the MBTA Red Line subway), and near the Capitol Theatre, many fine restaurants, and a great town library. Also a 2-minute walk to a BP gas station, and a 3-minute walk to a Walgreens; but the street itself is residential, quiet, and safe.

There is storage in a long attic on the third floor (the whole length of the house, on one side!), which you can enter through undersized hobbit doors! And more storage in the basement. We have a gas stove, two refrigerators, a top-quality kitchen sink water filter, and gas heat. We have four pear trees and one apple tree that produce fruit in the summer.
If this sounds like a group living situation you might enjoy, please write and tell us about yourself.
Please include
-- your first and last name, clearly, and your age
-- your previous group living experience
-- how long you plan to live here
-- if you have a car, or not
-- if you are a smoker
-- how you earn a living and what you enjoy doing
-- how much storage you'd need
-- what furniture you'll be bringing -- or would you like a furnished room?
-- whether you're interested in sharing meals or not, and what your eating style is. (Omnivore? Causal vegetarian? Keto? Macrobiotic? Serious vegan?)
--What would you contribute to the house?

We'd like to start with email, but please send your phone number so we can call you.
Thanks for reading all this! We look forward to hearing from you.

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