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compensation: Please see ad for details
employment type: contract

BostonREP is looking for Real Estate Photographers that will cover different areas of Massachusetts.

At this time we have a Team of eight Certified Real Estate BostonREP Photographers.

We currently have availability for Photographer that will cover Boston and areas within 20 or so miles from Boston (mainly south of Boston... Walpole and about 20 miles radius).

We are also looking for those professionals who can provide services for Real Estate Agents including: Floor Plans, Full Motion Walkthrough Videos, Aerial Photography, 3-D TOURS and Video and Matterport services.

If you have a passion for Real Estate Photography.... please continue reading, but if you're Photographer that is only looking to make a quick buck, please look elsewhere.

Do not contact us unless you read entire add... .

We love what we do and we are looking for those that will be passionate about the work they do and service they provide to Real Estate Agents.

IMPORTANT!!! You must have access to a very high speed internet connection (most likely FIOS), as this work involves uploading GIGABYTES of Photos (we use bracketed Photos - each interior Photo in 5 exposures), so the UPLOAD Internet Speed we require is a minimum of 30MPS, but faster is preferred, as otherwise it takes too long to transfer all Photographs.

For best results and highest quality Photographs we need Photographers to take bracketed photos (5 brackets) of interiors... it takes the least amount of time at the property to photograph interiors and final results are the best. We'll do all of the Post-Processing.

Who we are:
BostonREP is a Real Estate Photography company that provides a variety of services for Real Estate Agents in Massachusetts. 
We currently offer the following services for Real Estate Agents: Real Estate Photography, Walkthrough Videos, Aerial Photography and Aerial Videos, Floor Plans, Virtual Staging, Property Flyers and Matterport. Each Photo Shoot we do includes: a Single Property Website, Slideshows, YouTube Slideshow, Separate History/Portfolio website.

We started in 2011 and within a few years became the top quality real estate photography company in Massachusetts known for the highest quality real estate photography, marketing presentations and excellent service.

We believe that we are successful because of two things: top quality real estate Photographers as well as our top quality processing Team that not only does an incredible job in post-processing but also creates incredible marketing presentations for the agents that we work with.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for quality Real Estate Photographers that want to spend their time taking photos of properties as well as spent their time on building lasting relationships with the agents they provide their services to. We're looking for those that can provide the same services that we offer including: property videos, aerials, Floor Plans and more.

Who we're not looking for:
We're not looking for Photographers that want to do Post-Processing. We're not looking for business people. We're not looking for people that have no passion for photography.

What we offer:
We want our Certified Independent BostonREP Real Estate Photographer to schedule their appointments, complete Photo Shoots, build relationships with their clients, and upload photographs on the same day to us.... that's it. No post-processing whatsoever. We take care of everything else... post-processing, creating presentations, sending photos and completed presentations by email to the client, syndication to MLS, etc.

What our expectations are:
We want our Real Estate Photographer to be professional, courteous, punctual, honest, have a sense of urgency, meet reasonable agent expectations and provide us with top quality RAW files... so our Post-Processing Dept can take care of Post-Processing and create the Presentations that our agents love. 
Our Real Estate Photographer must have a Sense of Urgency. This work involves working with real estate professionals. Understanding that in most cases there is a huge amount of money for the agent at stake and sometimes a big part of their annual income is on the line.
Each and every photo shoot will be processed by our BostonREP processing Team. Regardless of whether the photoshoot is for a BostonREP current or past client, our lead, your lead or your past client. 
When it comes to Real Estate Photography, Videography, Floor Plans, etc. our Independent BostonREP Photographer has to agree to send photos for Post-Processing and Creating Presentations for each and every Real Estate photo shoot or project to the BostonREP Processing Team. We will process photographs, create presentations and deliver them directly to Real Estate Agents by the Next Business Day before 2:00pm.

100% of Real Estate projects done by Photographer have to go through BostonREP.

How much can a photographer expect to make working with BostonREP:
A typical photo shoot takes anywhere from 1/2 to 1 hr. BostonREP will spend anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hrs on post processing and creating all Presentations.
Our minimum fee for a full photo shoot for a condo or a house is $250.
We split the photo shoot shoot fee or any other project, except for Matterport (video, floor plan, etc) with the photographer at 50/50. 
A Matterport provider will have to handle the entire process, host for no less than 1 year and BostonREP fee from Matterport provider will be a fixed $75 regardless of size of the Matterport scan. 
Floor Plans - professional will draw and measure the property and BostonREP will transfer hand drawing into electronic form and create PDF and Interactive Floor Plans - fee will be split at 50/50.
3-D TOURS split is at 25% Photographer / 75% BostonREP, as it takes 10x more time to Create 3-D TOURS then snap 3-D TOURS Photos.

The photographer's fee for a Photo Shoot can be more but we do not work with photographers that charge less than $250 for photo shoots. We only want to work with high-quality photographers that value their time and talent.

During the slow season in Massachusetts we usually photographed no less then 3 to 4 properties per day. During the busy season we photographed 6 to 8 properties per day.... and too often say "I'm sorry, but we don't have any availability" to Agents.... you can do the math.

We had many agents that wanted to work with us, but due to our limited availability.... ended up with mediocre Photographer and less than top quality real estate photography.

What are the benefits of being an Independent BostonREP Photographer:
• You do what is the most fun, taking photos, talking with your clients and building long lasting relationships, building your business
• You will schedule all of your project based on your availability and your needs
• Never have to worry about the post processing process and spending hours in front of your computer screen
• You can take vacations at any time knowing that there may be other photographers that will cover your area when you are on vacation, so your client agents will not be disappointed
• You don't have to worry about getting sick and not be able to service your clients that count on you..... there should be other Independent BostonREP Real Estate Photographer that can cover for you when you get sick or are unable to work.
• Our post processing quality department always quality checks the photos, makes sure that they reflect the quality that clients have come to expect from BostonREP
• You would be a part of Team of Independent BostonREP Real Estate Photographers/Professionals that want to help each other
• You'll have the support of the BostonREP Management with things like, marketing, building the business, additional training, etc.

What about non-compete agreement:
We do not require our Certified Independent BostonREP Photographer to sign a 1 or 3 year non-compete agreement... no photographer should be stressed out over somebody trying to sue him or her when things don't work out.
We will require that the new Independent BostonREP Photographer will sign a Pledge to be honest and not to go behind our back while working with BostonREP or in case things don't work out and not to go after BostonREP past or current clients.

This agreement can be cancelled by either party at any time for any reason.

We're looking for honest real estate Photographers and Professionals. This is not a legal document, but rather a Promise... to be honest with BostonREP.

You will be on BostonREP main website and we will create a special website for you showing the area that you want to cover, the fees that you want to charge and the services that you want to offer. 
If Real Estate Photography is the only service you provide but would like to expand and do more... we'll be happy to help with training, etc.

We are an approved Real Estate Photography company for the entire New England region with Coldwell Banker PREVIEWS/Global Luxury Department, so for those photographers that will meet the criteria (excellent quality photography), we will be able to provide additional source of clients and projects.

Our clients at BostonREP love the fact that we provide virtually any services that can be offered for real estate agents. Photography, Floor Plans, Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography, Walkthrough Videos, 3-D TOURS, Matterport, Flyers, and more.

Please contact us only if our terms work for you:
IMPORTANT! You need to make sure you have a min of 30Mps UPLOAD Internet Speed - preferred speed is 75Mps UPLOAD speed or FASTER otherwise internet will be too slow to upload gigabytes of Photos (we require brackets) to BostonREP Processing Team.
- Photographer must have previous Real Estate Photography experience.
- Mac Computer (we use $15 mac software to draw Floor Plans... without Mac... you will not be able to do corrections). Those that want to create their own computer versions of Floor Plans and just deliver to BostonREP Processing Hi Res jpg... Mac will not be required.
- Canon DSLR as Nikon is very limited on setting up bracketed Photos... We need ability to have full control of brackets: .3, .7, 1, 1.3, 1.7, 2, 2.3, 2, 7, 3, brackets and unfortunately Nikon is limited to .3, .7, 1, 2, 3, brackets only.... sorry but that would not give Photographer enough control over the DSLR... .
1. Any Photographs that are processed by BostonREP are jointly own by Photographer and BostonREP
2. Split for any Real Estate project (except for 3-D TOURS & Matterport) is set as 50/50 split
3. BostonREP fee for any Matterport project is at $75 per Matterport project
4. 3-D TOURS split is at 25% Photographer / 75% BostonREP, as it takes 10x more time to Create 3-D TOURS then snap 3-D TOURS Photos.
5. BostonREP does not charge Photographer any fee for projects that are not related to Real Estate and BostonREP is not post processing
6. There is no non-compete agreement. Both parties just sign a Pledge/Promise to be honest to each other, etc. this is not a legal agreement and can be cancelled by either party at any time.
7. Photographer has to have a very high speed internet (at least 30Mps UPLOAD... otherwise it is impossible for Photographer to send multiple projects to BostonREP for Post processing (we require Photographer to shoot bracketed photos of the interior), which are usually 5 - 8 Gb per property.
8. Each and every photo shoot will be processed by our BostonREP processing Team. Regardless of whether the photoshoot is for a BostonREP current or past client, our lead, your lead or your past client. 
9. Photographer minimum fee for a full photo shoot for a condo or a house has to be $250 or more... .
10. Please read the ENTIRE ad to make sure you agree with everything that we offer

If anything that you see here does not work for you, we completely understand and respect and wish you best.
Please contact us only if you like everything that you see in this ad.

If you don't have Real Estate Photography experience please Do Not contact us... we're looking for Real Estate Photographers that have a feel for Real Estate and know how to capture it.

If you feel that you are the right person to work as an Independent BostonREP Photographer, please do the following:
Please CLICK on the link below and answer all the questions and also upload your Resume... we will not be responding to any emails or enquiries unless we receive this questionnaire:

NOTE: if you'd like to clarify something or have a questions, you can also call us (phone number is our website).

We are looking for just a few... great Real Estate Photographers and Professionals that would be a Perfect Fit for BostonREP as a Certified Independent BostonREP Real Estate Photographers and BostonREP would be a Perfect Fit for you.
Please keep in mind that we have very limited availability, as we want those that work with us to stay busy.

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

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