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Anyone who is reading this has probably come to, at one point or another, the conclusion that the USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK stand out as among the hardest tests out there for any professional. They combine and integrate many disciplines which can require years of individual study. In recent years, as demonstrated by the questions in the USMLE World QBank and the boards themselves, the USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK, the main purpose of any student's attendance, demand a serious skill set. At the heart of this skill set is the need to be able to integrate the basic sciences and relate them to clinical scenarios. Questions are no longer one step, but rather require a tertiary level of thinking. Unless you're able to make these mental leaps by yourself, do not expect anyone at school to foster these abilities. This is one of main reasons why students shell out big bucks to review programs like Kaplan and Falcon while still continuing to fail on their first death attempt.

I PASSED. I can tell you that it is doable if you approach it properly. I began as a lost island med student. The First Aid made me dizzy; I couldn't figure out what information was important. I would go to free demo tutoring sessions in NYC. They sucked. They wanted to charge $150 for an hour without even giving me an idea of what they would do in that time. Granted, the tutors were individuals who scored well, but that doesn't mean they knew how to pass on their knowledge to others, nor did I have the $ to ever reach that point at those rates.

I will never demand such high unreasonable rates. Instead, my focus is to give each of my students a way of approaching answers through conceptual thinking, so they don't have to rely on pure memory. We will begin with a NBME, the standard of determining where you stand. I will analyze your NBME based on the nature of the bar distribution. We can determine a strong lesson plan from that point.

At the core of my lesson plans is working one-on-one with students on the USMLE WORLD QBank, an absolute must, as the real test mirrors the interface. Also, I will provide you with notes and give lectures to reinforce what you know and introduce new ways of approaching questions. You will make mistakes and you will get your butt kicked, but that just means you won't be abused on the day of the test.

The game changes with regard to the STEP 2 CS. We will break down the main components of the exam, CIS, ICE, and SEP. Each area will be carefully discussed in detail; all the nuisances of the patient encounter and note will be reviewed. Extra emphasis will be paid to the patient note as that is the portion which most students are currently failing. Lastly, we will absolutely practice/simulate the encounters live. These exercises will sharpen your time management abilities, an absolute must for such a timed exam, and force you to carefully frame the template of your patient note.


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