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I am a math and science tutor with over 10 years of experience and a few openings for new students. I offer tutoring in a wide range of subjects and levels including:
- Algebra I and II
- Geometry
- Pre-calc
- Trig
- Calculus I, II, and III (high school, AP, college)
- Statistics (AP, college)
- Differential equations
- Linear Algebra
- Physics (high school, AP, college)
- Chemistry (high school, AP, college)
- Biology (high school, AP, college)
- Environmental sciences (high school, AP, college)
- Organic Chemistry
- Cell biology

I work with students in middle school, high school, and college and am very familiar with the curriculum at Brookline High School, Newton South and North, Boston Latin, Winsor, BUA, BB&N, NCDS, CRLS, etc.

Sessions are held in my office located in Brookline (Washington Square area) or over Zoom.

Sessions at $95/hr, but try the first one free of charge!

Recent testimonials:
My children really enjoyed and appreciated working with Robyn. They found her very approachable and easy to connect with. More than just going over the facts and the concepts, Robyn taught them how to identify their learning needs and to be comfortable asking for help. It's not just about scores and grades but also enjoying the topic and getting to go deeper in a subject that interests you. Robyn also gives really good advice about testing strategies and decisions around college applications. My children went on to college with a really solid foundation in STEM and well prepared for upper level courses. Robyn played a big part in their success. If you are looking for a tutor please work with Robyn. Your children will thank you!

I am extremely grateful for my time with Robyn. Most notably my math abilities and scores improved greatly over the last two years, but what I am most appreciative for is the confidence of my math abilities she has instilled in me. Through patience and guiding help, Robyn was able to explain material that best suited my learning style. Robyn always took the time to explain concepts and ideas thoroughly until I understood the material fully and completely. Furthermore, Robyn was able to give me useful and applicable techniques to maximize my score on the SAT. Both my math and reading sections rose over 200 points each and I a-credit that to Robyn's vast test-taking knowledge. Moving forward, I know I have the tools and an excellent math foundation to be successful in my college math studies due to Robyn's help. Not only did I learn and grow greatly from Robyn's help, but I saw her as a mentor and friend while navigating the college process. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity work and become friends with Robyn.

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