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In advance of the start of the 2019 Fall Session of Italian lessons, we are hosting 2 orientation meetings for students interested in joining the 'Italian Language & Culture Program' for the 1st time.

The meetings will take place in the basement classroom at Caffè Paradiso (255 Hanover St.) in Boston’s North End.

It is not mandatory, but recommended that all new students attend ONE of the meetings.

We must be notified by email or phone if you are planning on attending a meeting.

Meeting #1 will be on Tuesday, August 20 (6:30-7:30 pm)
Meeting #2 will take place on Saturday, August 24 (11:00 am-12:00 pm).

At the meetings we will discuss: curriculum, syllabus, course structure, lesson plans, methodology, levels, steps, expectations, etc....Students will also have an opportunity to examine the materials, meet the instructors, enjoy a sample lesson and be informally assessed to determine which level would be appropriate for study.

Since 2005, the 'Italian Program' has been the largest, adult-only, Italian-only, non-college affiliated Italian language program in the city of Boston. Student enrollment has consistently stayed between 45-50 students. Over four-hundred (400) students have been involved with this program and taken classes over the last 14 years.

The courses tend to fill up with mostly continuing and returning students, as well as several new students. The limit for number of students per course is set at 12. Here directly below are the following:
a. The course levels offered in the 2019 Fall Session.
b. The amount of students that are presently enrolled in each course.
c. The number of seats still open in the class (as of August 10, 2019)

1. Beginner (Step I) - Mondays (6:30-8:30 pm) - 10 students enrolled (2 seats open)
2. Elementary(Step I) - Tuesdays (6:30-8:30 pm) - 9 students enrolled (3 seats open)
3. Pre-Intermediate - Wednesdays (6:30-8:30 pm) - 11 students enrolled (1 seats open)
4. Intermediate - Thursdays (6:30-8:30 pm) - 6 students enrolled (6 seats open)
5. Upper Intermediate/Advanced- Saturdays (10:00-12:00 noon) - 6 students enrolled (6 seats open)

If you are interested in joining us at one of the orientations and/or signing up for a course offered this upcoming Fall Session, it is IMPORTANT that you contact us by email and/or by calling/texting the phone number provided here below.

Classes for the 2019 Fall Session are set to begin the 1stand 2nd week of September.

The Session will consist of 15 lessons (30 hours of instruction) at a cost of only $350 (including ALL materials)!


The 'Italian Program' is the largest Italian-only, adult-only Italian language program in Boston, with an average of 50 students consistently enrolled in our courses at any given time of the year.

This is a multi-level step program in which a student has the option to advance between Levels & Steps depending on his/her interest and commitment to learning or refining his/her Italian language skills. Students enter the program at whichever level and step they are comfortable, as long as they meet the assessment criteria.

We offer two (2) "lower" level courses (Beginner; Elementary) divided into two (2) steps (Step I and II).
(Step I) courses are offered only in the Fall, while (Step II) courses are in the Winter/Spring.

We also offer two (2) "middle" level courses: ‘Pre-Intermediate’ and 'Intermediate' on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively.

These middle levels are designed for students that already have a decent command of the language, and who generally do not need structured steps for improvement. Students attend primarily to maintain an acceptable level of spoken Italian and to use more advanced grammar and vocabulary to solidify their pre-existing knowledge & understanding of the language.

We also offer one (1) "upper" level course: 'Upper Intermediate/Advanced'

This course is designed for students that possess a good to excellent command of the language, and who generally need little guidance and instruction during lessons. Students who attend this course will only speak Italian in class with the instructor. The curriculum & design for the "upper" level course varies from Session to Session, but generally includes discussions on: current events, culture, literature, advanced grammatical structures, film, etc….

Using Italian in class:

'Beginner' - (Instructors & students are expected to speak in Italian at least 50-60% of class time)
'Elementary' - (Instructors & students are expected to speak in Italian at least 60-70% of class time)
'Pre-Intermediate' - (Instructors & students are expected to speak in Italian at least 80-90% of class time)
‘Intermediate’ (Instructors & students are expected to use Italian at least 90% of class time) ‘Upper Intermediate/Advanced’ (Instructors & students are expected to use Italian 100% of class time)

This Italian Program follows some of the guidelines set forth by the C.E.F.R. (Common European Framework of Reference), which details expectations for language acquisition at 6 levels - (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), placing an emphasis on the skills of Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction and Production & Writing.

The ‘Beginner’, ‘Elementary’ Levels utilize a curriculum structured around a new series and textbook called - ’Sentieri - attraverso l’Italia contemporanea’. The series includes a Textbook, Workbook, Lab Manual, as well as COMPLETE access to an extensive online program, which includes audio and video activities and exercises. This curriculum design for these two levels includes components of the A1 and A2 Levels of the C.E.F.R.

The ‘Pre-Intermediate’ course utilizes - 'Immagina - l'italiano senza confini'. The focus is primarily on conversation via a combination of "Lower Intermediate" level grammar, vocabulary, literature, cultural readings & short films. Students in this course are expected to be at least at a C.E.F.R. ‘B1’ level and beyond.

The 'Intermediate’ course utilizes - 'Immagina - l'italiano senza confini'. The focus is primarily on conversation via a combination of "Intermediate" level grammar, vocabulary, literature, cultural readings & short films. Students in this course are expected to be at least at a C.E.F.R. ‘B2’ level and beyond.

The 'Upper Intermediate/Advanced' course utilizes outside materials only, including, but not limited to films, film guides, articles for debate, current events, literature, communicative games and activities, etc... Students in this course are expected to be at a C.E.F.R. level ‘B2’/’C1’ and beyond.

We are the only Italian Program in Boston (other than universities) that includes and offers ALL of these:

* Affordable tuition - courses generally cost each student between $10-$12/hour for each hour of instruction
* 2 Italian teachers are present in many of the lessons to help create an excellent student to teacher ratio
* Manageable sized classes (average of 8-12 students)
* Newest editions of textbooks and ancillary materials (Workbooks, Lab Manuals) - ALL INCLUDED
* Free access to online programs - students are provided a code
* Supportive Authentic Materials…such as Picture books, Songbooks, Game books, Vocabulary books, Videos
* Complete access to Dropbox folders, electronic documents and files to assist in the learning process
* Assignments and work projects to keep students focused in the days between classes
* C.E.F.R (Common European Framework of Reference) based Multi-Level and Step system
* Organized College-based curriculum accompanied by a prepared syllabus for each level
* Social events/activities such as Italian film nights, cooking-lessons, wine tastings, dinner parties
* A relaxed atmosphere that helps to develop friendships, relationships, networking possibilities
* Opportunities for its students to experience personalized travel, study and cultural immersion trips to Italy.

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