Tomato Plants - $5 (West Roxbury)

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I am 95% sold out. I have 10 different varieties and about 20 plants. If your not fussy let me know.

My name is Chuck and I am semi-retired. I grow Heirloom Tomatoes as a hobby. I take orders from January 1, 2024 thru March 1, 2024.
All seeds are organic and are planted in the first week in March. 90% of the plants I sell are done by order. I plant what you order and we schedule pickup at my home in mid-May. Cash payment is made at that time.
Plants average about 10-12 " in height depending upon variety some a little larger some a little smaller. All order must include your REGULAR EMAIL ADDRESS, since that is how I will reach out to you in May.

1. Black Krim -75 days- Originally from the former Soviet Union. This rare tomato yields 3-4" very appealing slightly flattened dark-red/maroon, beefsteak tomatoes with deep green shoulders and gel around seeds- fantastic intense slightly salty taste, one of my favorites, suitable for container/patio gardens. 0

2. NEW-Brandywine OTV-72 days mid-season. A potato leaf heirloom that sets fruit much better than most Brandywine.
A rich red with undertones of orange ,smooth, creamy, sweet flavor. A winner. 1

3. NEW-Flamme- 70 days, mid season, yellow orange tomato of French origin. they bear fruit in clusters of 6- 4oz golf ball size. A full bodied tomato that burst with mouth watering flavor. 0

4. Cherokee Purple-80 days- Originally cultivated by the Cherokee Indian Tribe- 12 oz. heirloom, rich, complex and sweet. Not one of the most attractive but definitely one of the best tasting heirlooms. 0

5. Ildi-54 days-Very early high yielding sweet bright yellow oval cherry tomato, with 40 to 60 tomatoes in each bunch.

6. Azoychka- 75 days- yellow orange solid tomato with very few seeds.1

7. Firebird Sweet-75 days-8 oz. pink fruit with gold stripe, vigorous tree type plant, meaty and juicy flesh with outstanding full flavor. container friendly. 2

8. Chocolate Cherry Tomato-75 days- maroon color- super great tasting cherry tomato from Russia. Can grow 6 to 8 feet tall, you will love it. 1

9. NEW-Dr. Wyche Yellow- 78 days mid season yellow orange tomato. One of the best tasting yellow tomatoes to be found. An indeterminate heirloom that produces slightly flattened, smooth 10-16oz, blemish free meaty tomatoes. 0

10. Azorean Red-75 days- 1 lb.-deep red tomato with terrific bold complex flavor. You will want it in your garden every year. Don't miss this one! 0

11. Pink Brandywine 75 days- A regular leaf indeterminate that is earlier the the Sudduth Strain. Plant produces very well
and the flavor is great. Works well in containers. 1

12. Bush Beefsteak-65 days-Red determinate-A compact, prolific, short bushy plant that grows to 3 feet, yields large amount of very early producing 8 oz. beefsteak tomatoes, A very popular variety for shorter growing region. works in mid- size containers. A great tasting tomato. 1

13. Yellow Boy-65 to 70 days- Determinate plant grows to only 3 feet, nice smooth sweet flavor, 2 to 3 oz. size. This is a prolific variety- very early and plentiful 20 to 30 tomatoes per plant. Excellent in a container. 2

14. NEW-Fargo Yellow Pear-70 days, mid season tomato. Plant produces vigorous vines with a bountiful harvest of
1 1/2" golden yellow pear shape tomatoes with a delicious low acid sweet flavor. 2

15. Aunt Ginny's Purple-79 days- Purple/pink potato leaf heirloom of German origin, Abundant crop of 1 lb. tomatoes. Considered one of the better tasting heirloom tomatoes. 0

16. Super San Marzano-70 days- Improved variety of San Marzano, very productive that has been de-hybridized over a period of years. Great for salsa, paste and sauce. 2

17. NEW- Rose Quartz-75 days mid season, very productive cherry tomato plant from Japan producing large clusters of large pink cherry tomatoes. Absolutely delicious flavor. 1

18. Bloody Butcher-55 to 60 days- deep red- 4 to 8 fruit per cluster, golf ball size fruit with a rich old fashion taste. A great choice while you wait for the others to ripen. Works great in mid-size container. 1

19. Chocolate Stripe-79 days-plant produces a plentiful crop of 3 to 4" tomatoes that are mahogany color with green stripes, complex rich flavor. Plant produces right into Autumn. 0

20. Angora Super Sweet-73 days-Beautiful ornamental tomato that is great for patio gardens. Tomatoes are 1" super sweet tomatoes. A unique novelty tomato. 1

1- Sprite- red oval cherry
1 Grandfather Ashlock- originated in Kentucky. Pinkish red beefsteak.

Thank you for your interest.

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