Efficient & Reliable Bookkeeper (QuickBooks Desktop/Online Certified) (Merrimack Valley, Boston & Surrounding Area's)

license info: QuickBooks Desktop/Online & Intuit Payroll Certified
Professional Bookkeeping Service - One Owner Business/Dedicated Service
*****MINIMUM 10 Hours per week Bookkeeping Rate: $55/Hr*****

****If you only have a couple of hours needed per month, then please
"DO NOT" contact me as that is too small and costs more on my end
to keep you than it is worth. Thank you....****

When your ACCOUNTING matters.
Ideal if you need your accounting done right but don't have the budget for a full-time controller.

CERTIFICATION: QuickBooks Desktop/Online & Intuit Payroll Certified

**************REMOTE BASED BOOKKEEPING**************

Professional Bookkeeping Service - One Owner Business/Dedicated Service
*****MINIMUM 10 Hours per week Bookkeeping Rate: $55/Hr*****

****2nd Quarter has approached for 2023, 3rd Quarter on its way then before you know, End of Year Filing. Are you prepared?****

Will your records pass a random court audit?

CFO Experienced Accounting Professional
When your accounting needs to comply with accrual accounting standards and you need to provide accurate, timely reports for use by management, investors, and/or external auditors, you can count on my Accounting/Bookkeeping skills. I include controller-level oversight for every client I serve, with increasing senior involvement for clients with more intensive accounting needs. I pride myself that my clients receive valuable benefits that they would otherwise need a controller and expensive IT investments to obtain.

I hold two University degrees in Economics and an Advanced Taxation degree. I have been in the Accounting field for over 25 years and have held high positions such as Controller and CFO in three different fortune 500 companies. I have left the corporate world and have been servicing many different styles of companies for the last 6 years on my own and love the challenges and the work.

***Industries I have worked in throughout my 25 years of Accounting***
>>Real Estate<<
* Flips (Custom HUD statement journal entries)
* Rent expense toll-out for property owned
* Tenant Accounting - Lease setup, move-ins, move-outs
* Accounts Payable - Entry of invoices including 2/3 way matching with POs, utilities and payments
* Accounts Receivable - Monthly rent run, processing rental receipts and section 8 rent receipting
* General & Month End Accounting Activities - Bank, Mortgage and insurance escrow reconciliations, month end
accruals and schedules
* Prepare/Track Fixed Assets for property including to the unit (apartment) level
* Management Reporting - Monthly operating reports and variance analysis
* Budgeting Support & Analysis Services - Prepare budgets, financial analysis and cash flow forecasting
* Rent Roll Analysis - Comprehensive rent roll analysis of a property for buyers covering financial analysis,
tenant analysis, location review among others
* Lender Reporting - Financials, leasing reports, property management executive summaries and other reports
with respect to the property, borrower and guarantor

>>Law Firms (IOLTA experience)<<
Will your records pass a random court audit? Poor record-keeping can lead to trust fund violations when bank statements and internal records don’t match up. It is important to reconcile accounts monthly using a special type of reconciliation known as three-way reconciliation. This reconciliation process takes into account the trust ledger, the client ledgers, and the trust bank statement.

Ensure a Net Zero Balance
The goal in client trust accounting is to make sure that every dollar a lawyer receives on behalf of a client is paid out. What is deposited for each client must therefore also be disbursed. Ultimately, every client ledger achieves a net zero balance.

* Personal Injury Lawyer
* Estate Planning Lawyer
* Bankruptcy
* Intellectual Property
* Employment
* Corporate
* Immigration
* Criminal
* Domestic (Divorce Litigation)

* Classing
* Job Costing
* Vendor Setup
* Customer Setup

>>Construction (Cost-Coding, Job Costing, Actual vs. Estimates & Building Trends)<<
* Electrician
* Mason
* Excavation/Demo
* Plumbing
* Welder
* Glazier
* Plasterer.

- Created custom classes for each job is imperative for accurate P&L statements to determine profit per "job"!

* Dentistry
* Podiatrists
* Pharmacists
* Optometrists
* Physician assistants
* Veterinarians
* Physical therapists
* Occupational therapists

>>Retail (POS System importation to QuickBooks)<<
* Boutiques
* Logistics and supply chain management. ...
* Merchandising, marketing and sales. ...
* Operations management. ...
* General corporate. ...
* Third-party support roles, including consultants, designers and manufacturers. ...

>>Fitness Centers & Entertainment Industry<<
* Broadcasting / Film / Video
* Fashion / Textile Art
* Fine Arts / Visual Arts / Graphic Design
* Performing Arts/Music
* Museums / Libraries
* Multiple Fields

>>Restaurants & Franchise Operations (Nationally known)<<

I currently handle small clientele ($0 - $125,000) and large clients ($125,000 - Multi-million revenue)

**No job is too big or too small. I am an expert of Accounting operations and Time Management which has enabled me to critique all my jobs and provide a personal involvement to each client's needs. I communicate effectively and immediately and you will never wait for a call back. All emails go straight to my phone. I provide a strict policy I have embedded in my style of work which is to never make a client wait. You are too important to me.

I can produce:
Audit-ready accrual accounting:
- Some of my clients have annual CPA audits or reviews
- Revenue recognition
- Expense recognition including prepaid and accrued expenses
When you need more than a basic bookkeeper can provide. When you need to follow accrual accounting standards, whether for management reporting or external audit, you can count on me.

ServicesFor Small Businesses:
- Income Tax Filing
- Sales Tax Filing
- Payroll
- Bookkeeping
- Estimated Tax Filing
- Consulting
- Financial Statement Preparation
- CFO Services
- Quickbooks Integration
- Daily input of Expenses
- Month-End Close process (i.e. Bank Statements, Credit Card's, Financial Statements, Ledger, etc....)
- Chart of Account clean up
- Vendor Payments
- Invoicing
- Bank Deposits (Yes, there is a remote process for this. Not impossible!)
- So much more....

Company Payroll:
Payroll shouldn't be complicated. It isn't with me...

Managing and processing payroll and benefits is a critical business process that has to be done right and on time. Don't let these time-sensitive tasks get in the way of running your company. I will personally manage your payroll and benefits including employee on-boarding, changes, and terminations in payroll and benefits systems, regular payroll processing, annual benefits renewal, tax and other government reporting, and the associated technology platforms.

I am fully trained on multiple payroll platforms and am fluent with setting up the weekly or bi-weekly journal entries needed per Payroll Summary report that I would pull on the week of payroll. If you do not currently have anything set up in your QuickBooks file then don't PANIC. I am well versed on setting your Chart of Accounts within government regulation for specifically payroll compliance.

***My rate is very fair and simple. I will not charge what an Accountant charges as that would defeat the purpose of hiring my services:-) My rate is $55/hr and for the very small business that knows exactly what needs to be on a weekly basis then I would exercise the availability to charge a mutually agreed FIXED RATE. Please email me if you would like to discuss my services and how I could benefit you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you***

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