Organic SEO Expert

If your website is nowhere to be found in Google search results, or trailing behind competitors on page 1, 2 or beyond, I can help.

I am an SEO consultant and detail-oriented Google guru with an advanced skill set and specialize in organic SEO. I have audited and re-optimized hundreds of thousands of web pages for clients nationwide on the heels of inexperienced individuals unable to pinpoint or resolve what ailed their sites.

By "organic", it means I achieve top rankings naturally (by skill) and not by paid ads, so your website's pages are shown to search users over competitors.

Industries I have served include SaaS (software as a service), ecommerce (shopping), medical (plastic surgery), dental (cosmetic dentistry), legal, residential and commercial services, manufacturing, construction, commercial trucking, career testing, digital publishing, real estate, music, technology, and more.

Every business owner wants their site at the top of Google search results, but that goal is often elusive. Increasing conversions -- the purchase of a product, subscription or request for service -- is the #1 key to increasing revenues.

The first step in revenue-building begins on the search results page, where a split-second decision is made to click through based on how meta (page) titles and meta description (snippets) are written. When poorly written, organic rankings, click-throughs, conversions, and revenues suffer, and competitors benefit. To bypass those competitors in search results, your site's SEO needs to be superior in every respect.

Also, although SEO best practices remain largely unchanged, organic rankings are now based on mobile viewports, even if your primary customer base uses desktop computers, and the benchmark for pages to load is 2-3 seconds.

Proper search engine optimization and effective digital marketing require exceptional skill and patience. Achieving top Google rankings on small sites with dozens or hundreds of pages takes at least 6 months. Enterprise sites with thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages typically see results in 8-12 months. Competitors gain revenue, brand recognition and reviews with every click that goes to their website and not yours. Therefore, the best time to start was yesterday.

I am cPanel, .htaccess, robots.txt, and HTML-proficient, and read CSS and JavaScript but am not a developer. I will manage all aspects of your SEO and lead your developer or mine on whatever needs to be resolved programming-wise to improve performance and usability. I offer services exclusively on WordPress, excluding websites hosted on GoDaddy.

Once I know which SEO skeletons are in which closet, I can determine what needs attention and where, and in what order. Be wary of promises for top Google rankings within days or weeks. Rankings are algorithmic, so guarantees will lead you and your site down the wrong path, if they haven't done so already. When business owners opt for "SEO Band-aids" -- cheap and quick fixes -- that do not resolve underlying performance and usability problems affecting rankings, they typically discover months later that the status quo remained unchanged.

I offer full-service SEO and website audits (an audit is not a re-optimization) and routinely:
  • analyze site structure and usability on the front end (that visitors see);
  • assess performance on the back end (where code is entered);
  • conduct keyword research;
  • write redirects and resolve crawl errors;
  • write/re-write meta data, narrative content and heading tags (H1, H2, etc.);
  • manage Google Search Console, internal and XML sitemaps, links (internal, external and link spam);
  • prepare wireframes (mockups) if a re-design is needed; etc.
If you have been disappointed by mediocre SEO results that failed to grow your business and are interested in expert-level services, I look forward to hearing from you. To receive a reply, please include your name, contact information and website URL, and tell me a little about your needs (I ignore blind emails with no information because they typically are spam or "phishing attempts").

I will review your site before responding with my bio, client testimonials and contact information, so that I can have an intelligent conversation about my observations. I will discuss fees during an initial call. I am located in the U.S., have served clients nationwide and work remotely only.

Note: I do not manage TikTok, Amazon FBA, Instagram, Google or Facebook Ads, or affiliate marketing, etc. My expertise is in organic SEO, relating to which I have a long track record of success.

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