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HI all! :) (PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BEFORE CONTACTING ME, IN CASE A QUESTION YOU HAVE IS ANSWERED BELOW/MY NUMBER IS PROVIDED FOR TEXT ONLY, NO CALLS OR VOICEMAILS PLEASE AS I WILL NOT CHECK THEM! I REQUEST TEXT BECAUSE I HAVE A LARGE RATE OF REPLY & HAVING YOUR INFORMATION IN WRITING,HELPS ME REFER TO YOU INDIVIDUALLY EASIER! EMAIL IS ALWAYS WELCOME ALSO - We are trying to fill these rooms ASAP but with people who are the RIGHT FIT, NOT just people attracted to a really cheap rent price, so please get in touch, so we can organize getting viewings scheduled! I ALSO request a text or email first because I like to get acquainted with prospective renters first before I give them the address here, please don't expect to just show up automatically before we've exchanged any information or communication. I am available to schedule viewings in person from 12pm-5pm Mondays - Thursdays/other days-times CAN be scheduled if NEED be though.

**for reference, this is NOT a half-way house & we do NOT drug screen. This is a private residence & we operate on the honor/trust system **

**Due to the Allston laws of rooms & tenants per household, there can't be any doubling up in rooms like couples or two people renting one room so only ONE PERSON PER ROOM since the house is already at MAX capacity!**

First of all, we are trying to attract people that have been in recovery for LONG periods of time (more than a few years, that are secure in their lifestyle). And what that means is ABSOLUTELY NO tolerance for booze/drugs on premises. That also means we really don't want people getting drunk or high THEN coming home. People live here that are in recovery for long periods so we offer a safe & clean living space for them to not worry! :) BUT that doesn't mean ONLY people in recovery!! If drugs or booze are NOT a "problem" for you, you are just a hard worker, want a safe secure, clean place to lay your head, then this is COMPLETELY the place for you! Also, this is an ENORMOUS city filled w/ housing already designated for students, including dorms, student roommates/listings, etc. so we tend to lean towards giving the rooms to people that are a little harder up than students who just want cheaper rent. Not only for that reason but I stray away from people that are only staying in the city short periods of time, leaving after a graduation...something like that, I prefer to give a shot to locals AND we don't sublet! The people that we've found fit in best here are in their 30-40's & are just concerned with having a nice quiet place to come home to after a day's work & relax on days off, people that are VERY clean, RESPONSIBLE & have lots of experience living with not only roommates but taking care of themselves. MATURITY is a big plus here in our books, RESPECT is huge for us, not only of each other but everyone's space & your own. being mindful of people sleeping & respectful of your noise....totally basic housemate standards!

**The ONLY exception to the "substance" use rule is green! This is a medicinally friendly house for cannabis, so know that it is accepted & used in the aid of peoples recovery for a natural route over pharmaceuticals! - For those of you who may not understand or be confused HOW this is an exception/before you jump to a nasty reaction or judgement, not all of our tenants are clean of JUST alcohol but there are also a few here who are in recovery for narcotics as well. For those not familiar, besides the method of cold turkey detoxing, much of the process of recovery from narcotics in America implement many debilitating pharmaceuticals! While they are VERY helpful to most, they aren't tailored to ALL so we here have been lucky enough to adapt a lifestyle that is lenient of that plant that works for the user in an alternative medicinal path. **

That being said...

The Available spaces:
A very large room on my 2nd floor (the largest bedroom in the house, approx. 15ft x 12ft) , all original hardwood floors, full closet, two large windows (one neighborhood facing, one cityscape facing), fits any bed size very comfortably plus extra furniture. Room comes furnished or we can remove staging furniture if you have your own furniture. GREAT deal here in Allston, ONLY $800!!!

Utilities: ALL MONTHLY UTILITIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE PER MONTH, HERE (WI-FI, gas, elec. water) Oil util. is unfortunately NOT included in the price BUT we run so efficient on heat here, that that only runs about $50 per person, every 2 - 3 months or so. That money buys a few hundred gallons at a time & lasts the 2-3 months until the next order. (I always give notice of a payment coming up, so you aren't caught off guard or surprised when asked.) We are BIG here on conserving with electricity for example, in winter we wrap our windows in plastic for extra conservation of heat & we run on oil as our major source of heat, besides space heaters.

We are VERY VERY much into QUIET & CLEAN living. We encourage if a common space that is shared by EVERYONE like the kitchen, is used/you dirty it, you clean it & return it to the way you found it. I encourage QUIET because it's an open concept OLDER HOME! We still have all of the STUNNING original hard wood floors, so that means, say...dropped objects/noise (loud TV's/stereo's)/yelling/footsteps tend to carry. haha But not much of that goes on here, nothing crazy & certainly nothing unmanageable! We all get along, converse together & live as one household & we're considerate of everyone!

Rent & Payment: People living here either have jobs or another consistent form of income to afford expenses, so that may leave the unemployed out for our consideration (If you receive Govt. assistance than we can talk further upon interview, explanation, details of circumstance). **We ask that people are diligent about payment here, so as long as benefits remain consistent for you, than I have no discrepancies in the way you pay me monthly!**

Guests: The only REAL guideline we have here, that we can be sticklers about (besides the house staying booze/drug free) is guests! Right now, at full capacity in this large house, when everyone is home, is 8 total SO, guests during the day is ABSOLUTELY fine but staying over? Is a NO! :( We ask that you go to your guest's home overnight because usually people don't have so many roommates, so things can get a bit cramped when a few people have guests. This rule can also cramp a couple's style, that don't live together but stay at each other's place frequently. If you live here, we encourage you to go to your partner's house since there are NO sleep overs.

Maintenance & Planned future renovations: My husband & I do primary maintenance & care for our property. Basic fixes & remedies are easy for us living on premises to handle BUT in larger problem situations, we have a hired maintenance man for the property at a call away.

Other than that, Music plays in the house (both from stereos to when we have live rehearsals in the basement), we like happy living here. There is also an inexpensive laundry mat a 2-3 minute walk up the sidewalk.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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