1980s SAAB 900 S sedan manual transmission for possible trade (Boston)

I'm entertaining the idea of trading my SAAB for another vehicle.

I'm the second owner. I purchased and had it shipped to Massachusetts from California. I've owned it for almost 10 years. When purchased, it had approximately 125k miles. In the time I've owned it, I've driven it approximately 35k miles. Averaging approximately 4k miles per year. Rarely driven December thru March.

There are some known issues I had been planning on having addressed. My mechanic had pointed out that the rear right brake caliper was sticking and as a result the rotors and brake caliper should be taken care of. That was in December I believe of 2022. I told him to go ahead and source the parts to take care of it and had paid in advance. Recently came to find that money is gone and the parts are who knows where as his shop was liquidated.

Car was mothballed for the winter until that could get sorted out. Hadn't heard from him after contacting a couple of times earlier this spring but didn't think much of it as he wasn't always quick to reply. About two weeks ago, found out he unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. Now wondering how intimately I really want to get to know my car as I've been going to him for the better part of 2 decades and the other SAAB certified specialist I'd gone to retired years ago. I've contacted his former employee/assistant about taking over duties but he seemed a bit concerned that he may not have full confidence in his ability to recall specific details to do with this vintage of SAABs. Some SAAB specific issues Mark had been the go to source for when dealing with it.

Vehicle is a 5 speed manual, native not converted. Power windows. Work. Manual sunroof works. There is surface rust in various areas. Wheel wells for the age are clean.

Replaced in the last 2 years; ball joints, front shocks and springs, clutch pedal, tires, front brake pads, belts, I believe the water pump and brake master cylinder.
Battery is new as of a few months ago.

If you have a serious interest get in touch and we can discuss. And I can fill in with more history of the vehicle and other physical condition details.

As for trades, I'd be interested possibly in a more contemporary, very low mileage, smaller car, with a manual drive. Not really interested in anything else. Maybe a Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Misc VWs. Not sure what other vehicles as I haven't really kept up to date with what's available in a manual drive.

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