32+ NEW Books on Aviation, Flying, Jets, Airports... One Huge Library - $75 (Merrimack, NH)

This listing includes an absolutely huge library of THIRTY-TWO (32) Aviation and Flying related books...all are brand new, hardcover and softcover, non-fiction and fiction, and at a huge discount as one lot. A few extra bonus books are added too! (Attention: book sellers!) An unbelievable gift for an aviation fan, a pilot, a flight instructor or just for yourself! This huge box of books includes the following books:


1 - Emergency! Crisis in the Cockpit by Stanley Stewart
2 - Unforgettable - My 10 Best Flights by Lane Wallace (of FLYING Magazine fame)
3 - Logbooks - Life in Aviation by Richard L. Collins (RIP, former FLYING Magazine Editor)
4 - A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot by Robert Lawrence, ATP
5 - JET GIRL by Caroline Johnson
6 - Flying the Big Jets by Stanley Stewart (very cool technical info on 747's)
7 - No Man's Land - The Untold Story of Automation on QF72 by Kevin Sullivan
8 - The Airbus A380 Superjumbo - A Tribute and a Personal Memoir by Suren Ratwatte
9 - BOYD - The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
10 - Spinning at the Boundary by David Larson (an irreverent look at the life of an Air Traffic Controller)
11 - Unsolved Aviation Mysteries - Five Strange Tales of Air and Sea by Keith McCloskey
12 - WHY? Thinking About Planes Crashes by Peter Garrison (of FLYING Magazine fame)
13 - Flight Failure - Investigating the Nuts and Bolts of Air Disasters and Aviation Safety by Donald J. Porter
14 - The Dangers of Automation in Airliners - Accidents Waiting to Happen by Jack J. Hersch
15 - Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! A Pilot's Memoirs by Brian Clapp
16 - Ferry Pilot by Terry McCauley
17 - Understanding Air France 447 by Bill Palmer
18 - Nerves of Steel by Tammie Jo Shults
19 - Cleared for Takeoff: Memoirs of an Air Traffic Controller
20 - Winds Aloft - A Pilot's Diary by C.R. Williams (not pictured)
21 - Miracle on Buffalo Pass - Rocky Mountain Airways Flight 217 by Harrison Jones (not pictured)

22 - Flight or Fright - 17 Turbulent Tales, Edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent
23 - The President's Pilot by Robert Gandt
24 - Airport - Code Red by James Patterson
25 - Airliner Down by John Etzil
26 - Glidepath by Andrew Watts
27- The Pilot's Daughter by Audrey J. Cole
28 - Deadly Dilemma by Dan Stratman
29 - Mayday by Dan Stratman
30 - Lethal Wings by Dan Stratman
31- Prestwick by David Hough (not pictured)
32 - Equal Time Point by Harrison Jones (not pictured)

This item is Cash Only (please bring the exact amount). You can see the books at the time of purchase, and if you're satisfied, I get cash in the exact amount at that time and you get the books. Fair for everyone. THANKS!

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