Vintage Omega Enlarger B22 - $200 (Acton)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Omega
model name / number: B22
Vintage Omega Enlarger B22. As-is. If the listing is up, it's available. Thanks.

"The B22 was perhaps the most popular of all the Omega medium format enlargers. It had a long production run and thousands of them were sold to schools, clubs, other institutions and home darkroom enthusiasts due to their solid design and construction, and reasonable price. The column, offered in standard and XL length, was a box aluminum extrusion with the counterbalance spring mounted on the top of the column. The condenser head followed the design of other Omega products of the time.

The B22 was not sold in component form since, until the last few months of its production, the condenser lamphouse was the only head available for that chassis. Early in 1974 the Chromega B Dichroic Lamphouse was introduced on the B22 as the Chromega B22 Dichroic Enlarger, but within a few months the B22 was replaced by the new B66. Since the Chromega B Dichroic head was designed to fit the B22, it was a popular retrofit.

At the same time that the Chromega B Dichroic head debuted, the existing series of B22 negative carriers were discontinued. The older 35mm carrier for the B22 would not work with the colorhead unless the vertical pins were removed. The new set of carriers were spring-hinged, rapid shift design, with black bottom plates, and became the standard carriers for the B66, B600 and B635, and are listed with those enlargers. The same carriers remained in production for the C700 enlarger.

The B22 was frequently sold as a kit with lenses and negative carriers. Kits with 35mm carriers and 50mm lenses also included the supplementary condenser. Late production B22 columns were finished in black.

Used Advice: A very popular model on the used market as all common parts are available new or used, and the enlarger is easily serviced."

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