Horse Boarding Available - $900 (Sudbury)

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We are a full board facility dedicated to creating a relaxed environment for horses and boarders alike. We only board up to five horses at a time in common turnout and specialize in natural horsemanship practices. We implement elements of the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices' (AANHCP) Paddock Paradise system, including 24/7 access to paddocks with differing topographies, varied subsurfaces, and widely dispersed feed stations utilizing ultra slow Hay Chix hay nets and ample first cut hay, so our horses can slowly consume throughout the day and night, more closely imitating natural grazing behavior. We set out more hay nets than horses, reducing competition and flashpoints for conflict, and the nets keep hay off the ground, reducing waste and preventing ingestion of foreign matter and pathogens. We provide access to clean, potable drinking water, including heated water troughs in the colder months, as well as a mineral salt block. We stall horses only during feedings (or temporarily at an owner's or veterinarian's discretion), when twice daily each horses receives whatever feed, medications, and supplements the owner instructs (all stocked at cost) and are likewise blanketed - or not blanketed - at their owner's instruction. We muck all stalls, riding areas, and paddocks daily, and deliver the consolidated droppings as composted manure to local gardeners. We feature a well-lit 55' round pen and 100' x 50' open arena on site for training and riding, both of which are kept clear during the winter months. Less than a 1/2 mile easy walk or ride down our quiet street (no trailering necessary), we have access to extensive riding trails in hundreds of acres of nearby conservation land in the Sudbury Memorial Forest and associated conservation areas. We have a team of local experienced equine professionals that we recommend - including a veterinarian, equine dentist, farrier, barefoot trimmer, and trainer - but boarders are also welcome to use their existing providers. We live on site, enjoy close relationships with all our neighbors, and maintain security cameras, and as such are able to provide nearly 24/7 observation of the horses. We encourage boarders to treat the stable as their own; we have no limited hours of operation and all family and friends are welcome anytime, with a signed release if they intend to enter inside the fenceline. Our boarding fee is presently ~$900 per month, subject to hay prices, and all feed, medications, supplements, supplies, etc. are stocked at cost (that is, at the same price as the owner supplying these on their own). Please contact us for a tour to see if we match your and your horse's needs!

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