Sebo x4 automatic vacuum cleaner - $740 (Hudson Mass)

condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Sebo x4 automatic
model name / number: Sebo x4 automatic
Sebo x4 automatic vacuum cleaner, just about a year old,it supposed to have a 10-year warranty. Is what they say, if this company was not a complete bunch of LIARS AND CRY BABIES 😭😭. like Sebo company is . You can buy it from me ,and they will warranty it for 10 years. If you want a vacuum cleaner that is broken most of the time,and in the shop too be fixed every six months,then go buy a Sebo vacuum cleaner.They are total LEMON 🍋 🍋 of a product.That is manufactured by a bunch of lying CRY BABIES , That spend more time bragging about how wonderful their complete garbage product is. That runs for six months, and then it grenades each time . You have to love bringing your vacuum cleaner, to the local dealership. Every 6 months. But don't worry, they will pay for the repairs.But Give you nothing ,and reimburse you nothing for your time, and aggravation. It is like owning a car, that breaks down every 6 months, that the manufacturer will pay to have it fixed, until they decide they will not pay for it to be fixed anymore.Not an issue with that. I didn't buy a vacuum cleaner,to be left in a repair shops. most of its life. If you enjoy that.Then I have the perfect vacuum cleaner for you. 👍👍👍👍👍 Asking $740 with no taxes,the vacuum is in like brand new condition.I have not even filled a quarter of the vacuum bag, hardly used like brand new.The locals dealership even said , this vacuum is like it is brand new.So instead of paying $850.00 dollars for a knew one, plus taxes.You can buy the one I have for $730.00 firm.And you can deal with the cry baby manufacturer your self

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